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Steph Goertz

My family has lived in Wilmot township for 4 generations. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from UW with honours in Anthropology, minors in Peace and Conflicts as well as Classical Studies, and an option in Human Resources Management. After all this education I then decided to take a leap and join the Toronto Police Service as a constable and gained special training as a Crime Analyst and Scenes of Crime Officer.


My father, Allan Beach, instilled a desire for entrepreneurship & 8 years ago I quit TPS to not only focus on raising a young family but start my own company, focused on community & economic development.

I love staying busy & helping others and I don't hesitate when something needs to get done. I am the mother of 2 boys & I want to ensure they & future generations have a healthy future.


Why I"m Running for Council

For the last several years I have dedicated full-time hours to volunteering in various organizations, groups, clubs or I've started up a new group when I saw there was a need and didn't find anyone else solving the problem. 

These groups don't work isolated from each other but find ways to leverage their strengths to support each other.

In many of these groups, I  lead the policy committees. The focus of these groups is to understand what actions our municipality is doing compared to others across Canada and how we can take this information to adapt our local policies & bylaws.  It takes a lot of time to research this information, draft policy recommendations, and then connect with local councillors to help them better understand the need.

As a community member, I am on the outside to create successful change.

As a councillor, I would be able to utilize all of the research I have already done, all the community and organizational connections across Canada that I already have, and work in partnership with our staff and council to create change more effectively and efficiently. 


Increase residents' voice in decision-making

It's time to bring decision-making down to the local level. Our communities want to be more involved in the choices made within our neighbourhoods and they want to feel that their voice is being heard and acknowledged. Our municipality needs more robust, meaningful, and open citizen participation. We also need to be more accountable, transparent, and collaborative.

Protect our greenspace, food, water, and communities

Ensuring that we protect our drinking water, our park space, our forests, and wetlands. We also need to ensure our farmland is preserved and our farmers are supported.

Celebrate and preserve our rural character

We need to ensure that the decisions we make, from the types of homes we build, to the amount of green space we create, to how we protect our farmland, reflect our rural character. We also need to ensure there is strong support for local community groups, service clubs, and events.

Strengthen local businesses and economies

Our local businesses are one of the foundations of our communities. These small businesses are made up of our neighbours and friends. We need to find additional ways to support them and encourage more businesses to come to Wilmot, as well as boost opportunities for new entrepreneurs. There are numerous provincial and federal funds available that municipalities can apply for to offer additional support.


Important Step Not to Forget

Take the time to verify you are on the voter list

I am hearing multiple stories of people across Wilmot commenting that they have lived in Wilmot for years and have voted in the past but when they look now, they are not on the voter list. Click on the link below to see the list and learn what to do if your not on it.

Labour Council Endorsement.png

"After reviewing nearly 150 in-depth questionnaires, the Waterloo Regional Labour Council is proud to share our endorsement decisions with our affiliates and their memberships for the October 24, 2022, Municipal Election..

In Waterloo Region, we have approximately 26 000 affiliated members. We represent workers in the public and private sector as well as blue-collar and white-collar workers.

We proudly endorse…Ward 4 – Steph Goertz"

Citizen's for Safe Ground Water
Survey Results

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Survey Results

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Opportunities to meet Steph

Throughout this election I want to learn more about you, what you are concerned with and what ideas you have to improve your neighbourhood.

Between now and the election I'll be spending time in local restaurants and I hope you will join me for a snack. I want to listen and I would love to problem solve ideas for the future.

Gehan Sabry

Founder, editor, publisher of Cross Cultures magazine promoting mutual respect since 1991 and recently hosting a radio show by the same name as well as the Arabic Mashrabeya radio show, in addition to having a printing business, Gehan is an activist and organizes events and town halls on issues of human rights

 "I have known Stephanie Goertz for many years in different capacities, and I am very proud of her as a person, as an activist and for her passion for doing what is right, she is extremely professional in handling situations, is very tuned in to the needs of her neighbours and will go beyond the extra mile to help and see that change is achieved, we have also worked together on issues of democracy and Stephanie has shown a great passion and zeal for ensuring there are opportunities for community conversation"


I want to express my gratitude for any donation that you are able to make. Below are some examples of how I would use your donation.


Lawn Signs

$10 per sign

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100 Flyers


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Online Ads


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Voter Information

Make sure you check you are on the voter list! Many are finding they aren't.

Voters will be mailed a Voter Information Letter in early October
The letter will have a private PIN number, weblink and phone number & instructions for voting

In-person Voting

Make sure you are on the voter list, www.wilmot.ca

In-person Voting

Saturday & Sunday, 10 am - 6 pm
Oct 15 & Oct 16
Oct 22 & Oct 23

Acceptable ID's include an Ontario driver's licence, health card, property tax assessment, or bill with address

Online & Telephone Voting

Electors can vote from anywhere they have access to internet/phone

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2020-08-18 Bayfield Cottage (170)
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2022-07-12 Georgian Bay Trip (51)
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2021-08-19 Kingsville Cottage (3)
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2020-04-26 Family Time (4)
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2018-09-02 Watkins Glen State Park (51)
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