CBC Questions to Candidates

We will now ask you to list the top three reasons you are running in this municipal election. We would like you to break them into separate responses if you have more than one reason.

  1. Over the last few years I have been working closely with a number of local organizations. During this time we have identified a number of areas where our Township and/or Region could be doing more to protect/enhance the wellbeing of the community or the environment around us. Trying to change policies/bylaws or the direction of a municipality/Region is very hard and can take a lot of work. Often to create any notice citizens have to spend years educating councilors/staff, become experts themselves, or rally the community on mass. I myself have spent months identifying a problem, researching solutions being implemented in other municipalities, rallying the community around these solution, then waiting hours at a council meeting to speak before council for 5 minutes… and then get no questions from council and nothing changing. I believe in greater community engagement in decision making. We not only need to be involving the community in key decisions but we also need to involve the community earlier for smaller topics such as road construction right in front of their homes or community developments. There are so many amazing people in our community with so much information and dedication. We need to have councilors elected that already have connections or believe in the strength of our community/community organizations and who can appreciate their knowledge and understand their urgency.

  2. Many people don’t talk about this but as a women we often put our work on hold when we have children. I”m ready and eager to jump back into a formal work environment now that my boys are in school. I want to continue making a difference in our community and in their future. Working as a councillor will allow me to do both and show my children the importance of civic engagement. Being a good role model for my children is very important to me.

  3. Through my time volunteering over the last few years I have become more aware of provincial/national groups and organizations that work specifically with municipalities to help share forward thinking policies/bylaws and guide municipal direction, and yet very little municipaltiies are actually connected with and using this massive amount of data and tested solutions. I believe because of my already existing knowledge and connections with these organizations I could help bring these tested and proven solutions to our township which would reduce the amount of stress on our township in trying to come up with our own. We are a rural area with a limited budget and we don’t have as many varied staff as Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge. Finding solutions already being implemented by others could help reduce the amount of finances needed to come up with our own.

What do you want voters and the public to know about you?

  1. My family has lived in Wilmot township for 4 generations. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from UW with honours in Anthropology, minors in Peace and Conflicts as well as Classical Studies, and an option in Human Resources Management. After all this education I then decided to take a leap and join the Toronto Police Service as a constable and gained special training as a Crime Analyst and Scenes of Crime Officer. My father, Allan Beach, instilled a desire for entrepreneurship & 8 years ago I quit TPS to not only focus on raising a young family but start my own company, focused on community & economic development. At the start of the company I dedicated my time on creating tradeshows and conferences on increasing the health of families and seniors. I also had a focus of supporting the growth of the small businesses who themselves were supporting community wellbeing. I ran two different coworking spaces (office spaces that rented out rooms to businesses as well as offered additional supports), and owned my own local franchise of Mompreneurs. In 2019 I ran in the Federal election for the Green Party in the riding of Kitchener-Conestoga. This was when my eyes were opened to the impact our Federal and Provincial gov’t can have on our local communities. Once COVID hit our world I dedicated my full time to volunteering in the community. Over this time the dozens of groups I have worked with have given me so much knowledge. Many of these groups I have specifically worked on advancing municipal policy and have first hand experience of how turmoil outdated bylaw/policies could have on our neighbourhoods. I want to help move our township forward by working with other municipalities across Ontario and Canada

What else would you like to share with CBC K-W about your candidacy?

  1. I only just recently started being involved in municipal policy work over the last 3 years. I wasn’t involved in politics while growing up but with passion, dedication, and community involvement I have learned so much. Many people don’t realize the major impact municipalities can have in increasing the wellbeing of our community proactively. I won’t be a councilor that sits back and waits for people to call me when they are upset about something. Instead I plan to be proactively engaged in the community, connecting with neighbours, listening to stories, and inviting people to come together to envision the type of community they would like to see. The actions of our municipality should be based on this, not the other way around. By electing candidates who are driven and who are invested in working together we can do so much.

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