CycleWR Election Survey for Candidates

Active Transportation

What are the two or three most important things you would like your municipal council to accomplish over the next four years to support active transportation? How can you help to make those things happen if you are (re)elected to office?

  • Plan for and build neighbourhood connections by first mapping out all of our Townships services, resources, and businesses and determining what is missing for each local area to create a 15 minute city.

  • Identify and implement policy and program opportunities to incentivize active transportation.

  • Work with community groups and organization to help the community and our own staff and council to change their habits and attitudes towards active transportation.


What active transportation infrastructure improvements would you like to see in your municipality (Mayoral candidates) or ward (Councillor candidates)?

  • By first identifying key areas where 15-minute cities should be focused we can strengthen the network of major active transportation corridors across the township and between neighbouring municipalities. This will help provide high volume priority travel for walking, cycling, and rolling to key destinations as well as to public transit.

  • It would be great for there to be an option for the municipality to work with a group/organization that a bike-sharing


What should local governments do to improve pedestrian safety and accessibility for people with disabilities?

  • Create and maintain active transportation infrastructure to ensure year-round access as well as comfort for all abilities.

  • Create an online option or phone in option for people to report issues of unsafe sidewalks and paths. I have spoken with seniors who almost slide off the side of road or have fallen over while traveling on paths/sidewalks.

  • Meet with local community groups within the Region to learn from those with lived experiences.

Electric Mobility Options

Should e-bikes and/or e-scooters be allowed everywhere cycling is allowed, if users follow all established cycling speed limits? Should local governments take steps to encourage the purchase and usage of e-bikes and/or e-scooters?

I would need to do additional community consultation as well as speak with local experts on the first question. I do however believe that local government should encourage the purchase or sharing of e-bikes and/or e-scooters as an alternative way to getting around.

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