How will you help Wilmot Township address Truth and Reconciliation

Updated: Oct 20

These questions were sent to each candidate from the Wilmot Ecumencial Working Group for Indigenous and Settler Relations. They created a pdf of the candidate responses. You can get a copy by emailing

How will you help Wilmot Township address the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s 94 Calls to Action?

Reconciliation is not simply about saying sorry. Reconciliation is not simply ticking off the easy boxes of the TRC Calls to Action such as erecting monuments to survivors; adding curriculum in schools, and inserting land recognitions before meetings.

Our municipality, along with every other one, needs to also take a hard look at the systematic and systemic inequities faced by Indigenous People.

There are a number of actions that our municipality can take such as teaching our staff/councillors and residents the reality of Indigenous Peoples' treatment. This can be done

  • by creating internal training for our staff and councillors

  • by creating stronger partnerships with local organizations, clubs and groups that are already invested in these issues and offering additional support by providing free space at our municipal buildings or partnering to apply for additional grants/funds so new or existing programs/events can move forward.

As a councillor I believe our municipality should also focus on creating additional educational and economic opportunities for Indigenous peoples. Other municipalities have already created more equitable opportunities for economic development for diverse people which we could learn from. Seven municipalities recognized as champions for workplace diversity

Other calls to action from the report that our municipality needs to focus on are #2, #17, #40, #45.iii, #57, #66, #69.iii, #77, #93.

A question about the Prime Minister’s Path: Given misinformation, conflict and polarization regarding successive councils’ decisions over 6+ years, how will you mend divisions and seek respectful dialogue with all citizens of Wilmot Township?

I agree there is a lot of misinformation and polarization occurring in our township. As the admin for the Wilmot Stronger Together Facebook page, I see a lot of this head-on and much is directed at me because I either allow a post to stay up on the page or I delete a post or comment because it is posted to feed animosity or hatred. There are many people that are engrained in their beliefs but this is not a unique situation. There have been many times in history when this sort of polarization has occurred. We need to learn from other municipalities, organizations, and groups about what they did and what worked and didn’t work.

Asking for help from others is important because we are not experts in this type of conflict resolution. I also believe our township needs to increase its transparency in the whole process that has occurred and create more easily readable/digestible chunks of information so that all people regardless if they have access to the internet or are able to understand long reports, can have access to factual information. Increasing the township's communication and dialogue with the community through diverse media outlets is very important.

There are many rumours that are circulating that feed animosity and the municipality needs to acknowledge that they can play a part in increasing or decreasing it. Reducing this conflict should not rest on the shoulders of councillors but on the whole municipality. The municipality should not expect nor stand by as individual councillors are individually targeted by the community because of actions decided by the Township.

As mentioned above, councillors can work with community and service groups to support community education and awareness. There are federal and provincial funds available that municipalities can apply for in order to support these types of community initiatives. As a councillor in Ward 4, it would be my goal to better recognize the opportunities that exist for partnership and to ensure our municipality is more transparent.

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