What is your understanding of the concept, of a “15-minute neighbourhood” ?

(Question from resident)

I have volunteered for several years with 50by30WR and have delegated numerous times about the importance of 15-minute communities. This has meant that I have done a very large amount of research on 15-minute communities and how it relates to our rural townships. Other municipalities across Ontario and Canada are moving quickly to take steps in creating 15-minute neighborhoods. We need councilors that not only understand the process to do this but who also have connections with existing municipalities and organizations that can share relevant information to make our process smoother and more cost effective.

In Sept 2021 Ottawa already drafted and released their focus on creating 15-minute neighborhoods. They have also done extensive research and created very comprehensive reports such as “Map A8: Access to Services and Amenities, and Pedestrian Environment” which shows on a map how close/far people are from key services and amenities. This type of information is absolutely needed to better plan out our neighborhoods. Building 15-minute neighbourhoods will be a significant benefit to Wilmot Township and if we do proper planning it will mean that we will focus on ensuring our communities have the diverse amenities that we need such as more health practioners, childcare facilities, and yes more diverse options for food. I’ve heard from numerous people that 7 pizza stores in New Hamburg is enough.

As part of 50by30WR myself and another volunteer planned, organized, and ran the “Southern Ontario Growth Conference”. One of the speakers was Ken Greenburg and spoke on the topic of “Growing resilient inclusive communities”

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