Increase residents' voice in decision-making

It's time to bring decision-making down to the local level. Our communities want to be more involved in the choices made within our neighbourhoods and they want to feel that their voice is being heard and acknowledged. Our municipality needs more robust, meaningful, and open citizen participation. We also need to be more accountable, transparent, and collaborative.

Protect our greenspace, food, water, and communities

Ensuring that we protect our drinking water, that our farmland is preserved and our farmers are supported, and that our rural communities have the protection they need to feel safe is something I have been working on for the last several years. In Ontario we lost more than 319 acres of farmland per day between 2016-2021 and this rate is not slowing down. 

Celebrate and preserve our rural character

Strengthen local businesses and economies

Our local businesses are one of the foundations of our communities. These small businesses are made up of our neighbours and friends. We need to find additional ways to support them and encourage more businesses to come to Wilmot, as well as boost opportunities for new entrepreneurs. There are numerous provincial and federal funds available that municipalities can apply for to offer additional support.

 Tourism and farming are two of the larger industries we need to do more to support in order to encourage more people to visit Wilmot.